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Hearing Aids

“Hearing Starts Here”

Advanced Audiology is dedicated to exceeding your expectations regarding the treatment of hearing loss. Our goal is to be your hearing solutions partner and friend. The successful outcome of your unique hearing loss is more complicated than the selection of a hearing aid device. The device is only a tool, but your success for using the tool comes from our years of personal, professional and knowledgeable experience and service.

Advanced Audiology is dedicated to working with you and your family offering counseling and guidance throughout the rehabilitation process. We are careful to educate you on what to expect during your experience. We know investigating hearing solutions for optimum results is an investment of time and must be a multi-step commitment to be successful. We know dispensing hearing aids without fitting verification, programming, instruction, counseling and follow-up are bound to fail the user.

Advanced Audiology knows the importance of communicating and developing realistic expectations for successful hearing loss management. We don’t offer you a test for hearing loss and hand you a hearing aid. We offer you a committed relationship to improve the quality of your life and the people around you.

Variety of hearing aid devices

Hearing Aid Technology Levels

Demanding Listening Environment

  • Offers the most automatic adaptation to various sound environments, transitions for 4-7 different listening areas including help with speech in noise and music
  • Automatic and precise sound quality of tones/pitches/volume, most flexibility for fine tuning of sound quality
  • SpeechZone2 – continuously analyzes environment and automatically adapts a sensitive directional microphone system to help reduce background noise in front, behind and to the side
  • Wireless options available

Active Listening Environment

  • Offers some automatic adaptation to sound environments, transitions for 3 – 5 listening areas
  • Automatic and precise sound quality of tones/pitches/volume
  • Automatic directional microphone, primarily positioned to the front
  • Wireless options available

Easy Listening Environment

  • Many features yet only 2 automatic adaptations to sound environments
  • Precise sound quality of tones/pitches/volume
  • Automatic directional microphone, primarily positioned to the front
  • Wireless options may be available

Wireless Options (Not available on every model)

  • Can be compatible with cell phones, iPods, computers, and television by wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Television accessory
  • Mini-microphone
  • Remote control option

Beware of:

    – Misleading vs. False Advertising – ad contains correct information in one section yet photos/prices are a different model than what was described (bait and switch)
  • “Free” Hearing Tests
    – Offered because the person performing the test may NOT be recognized as qualified and may have minimal training
  • Audiologist “on staff”
    – This may not be the individual who actually evaluates you
  • Audiologist vs. Hearing Aid Specialist
    – Audiologist’s have 6-8 years of university training in the medical management of ears, hearing and balance
    – Hearing Aid Specialists receive a year or so of supervised training in the sale of hearing aids
  • Same “sale/special” ad from week to week
  • “One Week Only” claims
  • “Wanted” poster ads
  • “Coupon” for thousand(s) off or a large percentage off of the price
    – Large discounts are usually taken off of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) which are generally higher to begin with

You Should:

  • Educate yourself with terminology
  • Ask questions if unsure
  • Be comfortable with the office and personnel